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Free the Almonds !!!

We at RAW EARTH Market, think mandatory Almond pasteurization is WRONG!!! Review the information at the "Go Petition" website. If you agree, sign the petition!


Health Revolution Petition

This Health Revolution Petition calls for revolutionary changes in our health care system that encourage health and prosperity, instead of disease and corporate profit. The petition includes ten provisions that will be delivered to every member of the House and Senate as well as the office of President Barack Obama. Take a hard look at health concerns in America today, take a look at this petition.

Please take the time to review the full petition, at www.HealthRevolutionPetition.org

Here are the highlights:

1. Federal government encouragement and reward for the People taking personal responsibility for their own health
2. Restore Health Freedom to All Americans and Legalize Healing
3. End FDA Tyranny, Censorship and Corruption
4. Protect the Food Supply
5. Restore Honest Science to Medicine
6. End Era of Big Pharma Domination Over Health Care
7. Protect Children From Products That Compromise Their Health
8. Ban Man-Made, Non-Natural Cancer-Causing Chemicals in Cosmetics and Personal Care Products
9. Invest in Disease Prevention
10. Protect the Environment from Drug and Chemical Companies

This petition is endorsed by:

NaturalNews.com and the Consumer Wellness Center (ConsumerWellness.org)
The Organic Consumers Association (OrganicConsumers.org)
The Life Extension Foundation (LEF.org)
American Association for Health Freedom (HealthFreedom.net)
Citizens for Health (Citizens.org)

To sign the petition, visit www.HealthRevolutionPetition.org


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